Features Of 3924 Autolite And It’s Information

Autolite aluminum core spark plugs Incorporate a cold-formed steel casing with precision-rolled threads, the full aluminum core electrode for much better functionality, and also a one sided terminal pole to increase strength. The ignition plugs make use of a copper-glass seal that bonds the insulator and terminal pole middle electrode with each other. This ensures full voltage in the spark gap and a 100% leak-proof, gastight varnish. autolite 3924 Spark Plug features an extensive application manual to cover only about what using the internal combustion engineoptimization. Continue to keep your engine running efficiently and faithfully with Autolite substitute aluminum core spark plugs.

Benefits and features

Guaranteed to provide quick begins, Great fuel economy, also clean acceleration. The aluminum core raises the rate of heat conduction from the spark plug hint and improves resistance to any or all kinds of fouling. 3924 Autolite has Copper-glass seal bonds insulator, terminal pole center electrode collectively; assures full essential voltage at spark gap; gas-tight seal (100% escape evidence ). Multi-rib insulator lessens the chance of”flash-over”. One-piece terminal article adds advantage. Resistor reduces radiofrequency interference (RFI) and electrode erosion. Cold-formed steel casing precision rolled threads. The complete copper core electrode supplies improved overall performance in several ailments.


3924 Autolite Spark Plug-Copper Core Since its inception, the Autolite Manufacturer has offered the automotive aftermarket and unique Equipment producers the highest superior ignition solutions. Being a major supplier of spark plugs, ignition wire sets, and Coil-on-Plug boots, the Autolite brand name has got the proper ignition services and products for you, irrespective of your car make or version. Autolite 3924 Spark Plug-Copper Core Attributes: Solution Variety: Resistor Heat Assortment Chart Site: D-11 Hex: 5/8″ Achieve: 3/4″ Resistor/Non-Resistor/Suppressor: Suppressor Seat: Gasket Thread Diameter: 14MM Hint: Energy.

Part Amount of the sparkplug will be 3924 it’s heart Electrode Core substance of Copper which features a centre electrode design that’s regular or standard that the hint material of centre electrode is made up of nickel. Drive measurement is left up into 5/8 that will be 16mm. The electrical terminal type is just a stud. Gap- Factory pre set is currently 044 in (1.1millimeters )Ground Electrode Configuration is Single and also the Earth Electrode Core materials is made from Nickel.